In the cafés of Budapest

Title: In the cafés of Budapest: 33 ultra-short stories
Published by: Dorozsmai Books
Release Date: 2018
Pages: 83
ISBN13: 9781730958984

In the cafés of Budapest, coffee is drunk and words are written. Thousands of words by hundreds of writers, every day, every week. 

In this precise and sparkling collection of ultra-short stories, not a word is wasted in the setting of scenes and the introduction of a rich variety of characters from different times. 

In the cafés of Budapest, anything is possible, as authors are confronted by their own creations, the shadowy world of the Ghost cafés overlaps with the present, and genius and bathos rub shoulders like the best of friends. In the cafés of Budapest an Irish hen party recovers from crushing hangovers, an obsessive man in a ski suit writes one word on each sheet of a ream of paper, and two men play reverse strip poker. Anything can happen in the cafés of Budapest, even unlikely and unlooked for love.

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