A confluence of spies

Title: A confluence of spies - 33 ultra-short stories
Published by: Dorozsmai Books
Release Date: 2019
Pages: 89
ISBN13: 9781708354879

The cafés of Budapest are crammed with writers, tourists… and spies. In this collection of ultra-short stories - each no more than 1,000 words - a cast of colourful characters share their spying secrets. Or do they? Some tell uncomfortable truths, others are perhaps fabulists. 

Meanwhile the recorder of these stories struggles with their own sense of what is real, and where their future path is heading. 

Written with the utmost economy, A confluence of spies lives and breathes the Central European experience, of the legacy of Communist rule, and the everyday espionage that this created. 

A young girl rides through the night on her bicycle to rescue a friend; an old man reflects on the dangers he risked to report a broken tank track; two time-travelling bounty hunters search for their prey. They’re all gathered together in A confluence of spies.

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